Besides Broken Finger, Mariner’s Cano Suspended For PED Use
Hope the Mariner's have free agent Brandon Phillips on speed dial.  Tuesday, the Seattle Mariners announced that besides missing probably at least four weeks due to a broken pinkie suffered when he was hit by a pitch, 2nd baseman Robinson Cano will be suspended 80 games for violating …
Hermiston Hooligan on a Roll
According to Hermiston police facebook page:
On December 13th, 2017, around 1 AM, a Hermiston Police Officer tried to stop a vehicle for a traffic violation near the intersection of South 1st Street and West Highland Avenue. The driver did not stop and a short vehicle pursuit ensued...
Are Zombies Real?…Here is Proof!! [VIDEO]
There is a synthetic drug called "Cloud Nine" that is sweeping through Brazil. It is a Bath salt based drug that can cause a feeling of extreme relaxation, panic attack, stroke, and cause the user to have cannibalistic tendencies.
This is scary stuff...
Pasco Taco Bell Drug Bust!
According to Pasco police Facebook page:
TACO BELL WOULD NOT ENDORSE THIS: Thursday morning at about 2 AM, Officer Joshua Glass stopped a black Honda Accord near Road 68/ Burden for a minor equipment violation. Things got interesting when he saw small baggies of white powder in the center console, wh…
Kennewick Resident Finds Satan’s Purse in Backyard!
According to KPD facebook page:
A resident of the 3100 block of John Day located a purse in their back yard. The resident called the police. The purse did not contain any identification but it did contain a digital scale, 30 grams of Methamphetamine, 13 grams of Heroin, 19 Oxycodone pills, a taser, a…
Drunk Driving Suspect Demands Return of Meth From His Car
An Oregon man appears to be proud of his Houdini-like skills when it comes to hiding drugs in his car. So much so that after hitting a police car at 80 mph while drunk, he asked the officer taking him to jail how he could get his meth back, which was hidden in the car.

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