Ever Wonder How Far You can Drive on an Empty Tank?
When your gas light comes on, have you ever wondered how long you can drive?
Here is a list of the top 50 vehicles in America
are having a hard time reading this list? here ya go!
Ford F-150 – 35-80 miles
Chevrolet Silverado – 25 miles
Ram 1500 – 63-87 miles
Toyoya Camry – 65-91 miles
Toyota Corolla – 60-…
Woman Accused Of Stealing Gas 8 Times From Same Station
The high price of gas seems to have gotten to Karleena Kempf.
Police in Galesburg, Illinois arrested the 35-year-old woman Saturday on charges of stealing gas from the same service station on eight different occasions between May 19 and June 10.
Man Charged For Filling Wife’s Gas Tank With Water
When it comes to his faltering marriage, you could say Dino Spinelli put some gasoline on the fire when he put some water in the tank.
The 36-year-old Wisconsin man was charged Tuesday for felony criminal damage to property for allegedly filling the gas tank of his wife's car with water last sum…