Unique Fathers Day Gift Ideas for Dad [VIDEO]
It is really easy to shop for yourself, but shopping for your parents on Father's Day or Mother's Day can be tough. Now that I am a dad myself, I can feel your pain when it is that time once again. Here are a few ideas from me, and an even better video of cool ideas that I found this morni…
How Much Will You Spend for Father’s Day? [POLL]
Father's Day is Sunday and for some reason I find it much easier to buy for my dad than my mom. A survey of nearly 1,100 people has found that two-thirds of people worry more about what to get their mom for Mother’s Day than what gift they’ll give their dad for F…
Guys Don’t Do This For V-Day
The Bronx Zoo is selling Madagascar hissing cockroaches for Valentine's Day. For $10, you can name one roach or for $25, you can have a cockroach couple named after you and your partner.

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