The Top 5 Songs Done By TV Actors [VIDEO]
I can't resist a good pop song. I always get guff for my musical tastes but I'm not ashamed. I love a great cheesy pop and I like them even better when they are sung by TV actors. I've gathered the Top 5 songs done by TV actors and they are hit songs that played on the radio back in t…
Favorite Mood Music? Share!
Adele's music is heartbreaking and beautiful...but also, apparently, sleep-inducing.  That's according to a new survey by British budget hotel chain Travelodge, which found that the Grammy-winning singer's songs are the U.K.'s favorite choice at bedtime, because they help pe…
Calling All David Gilmour Fans!
I read in an ABC publication that soon we will be able to see See David Gilmour Live on Your Smartphone!
I'm a huge fan of David Gilmour. I just love his solo's and how he makes those strings sing!! One of my favorites is "The Blue"
"David Gilmour fans soon will be…

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