Royal Wedding

What Time Is The Royal Wedding In My Time Zone?
Don't lie, you know there is a small part of you that wants to catch the Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry of Whales tomorrow! However if you are not IN England there could be some timing issues so I found out what time you will need to be awake in order to catch it...
Princess Beatrice Auctioning Off Wedding Hat on eBay
Want to own a piece of history, even if it means wearing what looks like a giant pink crab on your head? Well, now's your chance.
Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson on Wednesday revealed that her daughter, Princess Beatrice, will auction off the infamous hat she wore to the Royal wedding of Prince W…
Prince William and Kate Middleton Kiss – Twice! [VIDEO]
So glad tehy decided to do the second Kiss the first one was rather weak!! What did you think of the Royal Wedding?
Apparently, the second time's the charm.
After a wedding ceremony fit for a Duke and a Duchess, Prince William and Kate Middleton made their official debut to the public today on th…
Watch the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton
(Photo, WPA Pool)
The Royal Wedding takes place Friday and there's a plethora of outlets to watch Price William and Kate Middleton tie the knot.  For those of you getting up early here's the incomplete list...enjoy! 

YouTube via Royal Channel (begins at 4:30AM ET)
PBS NewsHour (begins at 4:30 AM…