“Katie” Couric’s New Talk Show!
I've always been a fan of Katie Couric and I'm happy to see she will be hosting her own TV Talk Show called "Katie" beginning Sept 10th.
Looks like she'll have some interesting guests, including Author E.L James of the best selling book,
"Fifty Shades of Grey"
Behind The Scenes With KVEW TV [VIDEOS]
Thank you Xiomara and Scott, from KVEW TV who came to my barn today to shoot a promo commercial with me for Cowgirl College which is coming up Sat August 25th at the Benton-Franklin Fair! My friend Mindy who is our Acct Exec was there too...
Weatherman’s Ultimate Blooper [VIDEO]
If you've seen the movie "Anchorman", you know Will Ferrell's character Ron Burgundy will read anything they put on the teleprompter.
Well, apparently a meterorologist in Green Bay named Brian Niznansky has the same problem. And to prove it, his news director slipped in on…

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