School Cancels Dances Until the Twerking Stops! Is It Fair? [POLL]
This story is so hilarious! Stacy Lee is taking the side of the students. So long as they aren't groping and making out, what's the problem? My heart goes out to anyone who chaperones a school dance! Awkward policing the awkward, and then the twerking starts! Listen to our full conversatio…
Check out These Golden Girls “Twerking”
I posted a video last night to teach you how to do the dance called "Twerking" everyone's doing it. I realized after I tried it at home just how ridiculous I looked trying this dance. Then I found a bunch of Grandma's doing it and I didn't feel so bad....
Dance Moves “How To Twerk” [VIDEO]
I thought this was an informative video about a dance move called "Twerking" so if your out clubbing tonight or listening to the Saturday night reception why don't you give it a try!