Another Sign The End Is Near!
I am one of those people that believe the end of time is right around the corner! And here is yet another sign that things on this planet are just down right odd.
A whale-watching tour stumbled on a huge pod of dolphins last week off thecoast of Dana Point, California...
Google 2011 Year In Review [VIDEO]
Google has released it's 2011 Year In Review video, and it's definitely worth watching. They took the most-searched-for-topics, and did a montage of the most compelling pictures and videos from 2011.
Airline asks passengers for gas money [VIDEO]
Austria-based carrier Comtel earlier this week told passengers it could not afford to finish a flight between India and Great Britain. Passengers could either be stranded in Vienna, or pony up the cash.
The plane was on its way from Amritsar, India, to Birmingham, England when it made an unplanned st…
And Now, There’s A Movie Based On….Legos [VIDEO]
Hollywood producers continue to twawl the toy aisle at Walmart for movie ideas. Warner Brothers is doing a movie based on LEGOS. There's no word on a plot or title at this point. Sources say it'll be mostly computer-animated.
This isn't totally unprecedented...
Hamster Drag Racing Is Sweeping the Nation [VIDEO]
Hamsters will run between four and eight miles a day in the wild, which is why in captivity the little furballs will attack their exercise wheel with such boundless energy.
These are the sort of facts you learn from watching “hamster drag racing,” the new sport t…
The World Trade Center Movie Montage [VIDEO]
If you are like Big & Stacy Lee, you watch alot of movies! We ran across a bunch of movies that show the New York skyline from 1961 - 2001.  And for the 10th anniversary of 9/11, here's a movie montage of Twin Tower cameos.