Walla Walla Wines are Headed to the Oscars!
Hollywood's biggest weekend is about to get a taste of the Great Northwest! Two Walla Walla wineries are headed to La La Land to be poured at an official Academy Awards function. Ashley Trout of March Cellars and Vital Wines is headed to LA and will be pouring at an Oscars event...
Weird Reason US Navy Dissed Washington Wine
We here in Washington produces some amazing wine! California thinks it has the choke hold on quality wines, but we know better. So when the US Navy was set to christen the USS Washington (a submarine named for our beloved state and Medal of Honor recipients from our state), why did they use a Califo…
Drinking Red Wine Is Good For Your Teeth
You know that moment after you've been drinking red wine? When you look in the bathroom mirror and realize you've looked like a vampire for the past hour, because your teeth are purple?  Don't worry . . . that's the color of health and wellness.

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