HELP WANTED!! 200 Jobs Available in The Tri Cities!!
The Toyota center will host the 2016 Three Rivers Campus Job fair!
The campus will be hiring 200 new part time employees for the up-coming year. New employees will be working during concerts , trade shows, conventions, hockey, tournaments and much more...
How Productive Are YOU on a Monday?!
It was such a fantastic weekend, with Mother's Day and all!
My kids were in town, I played music both nights at two great venues! RF McDougals and Thomas Oneil Cellars. Harp Player Casey Peterson jumped in for a song on Friday and she was awesome...
Top 10 Things That Make People Happy At Work!
When were you the MOST HAPPY at your job? What were the reasons you were happy there? Was it where you made the most money?
New research shows that having a good salary was only #3 on the list of reasons people were happy at their job.
Good HOURS was #4 on the list and for me, I'd put that as #2.…
Stressed at Work? It’s Probably Your Parents’ Fault
It might be easy to blame your boss for all the work-related stress and high anxiety coursing through your veins, but a new study suggests that you might want to start pointing the finger at your family instead.
Well, sort of. Scientists have found that genetics play a significant role in how yo…
Office Rage – What Provokes You?!
I don't know about you but If I am having technical issues like computer problems, THAT can put ME in a tense mood. Then, if I'm hungry, tired and/or hot at the same time? Yea, well, that is even worse! Throw in a rude or annoyed co-worker and a TIME LIMIT where I have to achieve a goal FA…

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