Is YouTube Making Us… Smarter?
Anybody who's been to YouTube quickly becomes cynical about the future of the human race, particularly when you read the comments to... well... any video. But this PBS video argues that YouTube actually makes you smarter by lowering barriers to learning about literally any topic. And we have to admi…
Terror Behind the Screen Coming Soon!
It seems that the creepy characters at the fair were quite popular, but get ready Tri-Cities "Terror Behind The Screen" is coming soon. This town has never seen anything like it! I can hardy wait! What is your favorite scary character? Leave a comment below...
This Kid is Awesome
In this day and age kids can't see past their video games, so when I saw the story about Caine's Arcade it gave me hope.
Goyte’s 5 People 1 Guitar [Video]
Faith Martin posted this video a few weeks ago even before we were playing this song on the air. 1st of all I think this is one of the coolest songs we play and I absolutely love this video!

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