Our website guy Andrew has one of those plastic cups with the plastic straws (I LOVE mine). Only he flips the straw upside down. I told him it was upside down (and apparently was the fifth or sixth person to do so) but he insists his way is better. I heard him out and agreed to try it his way for one week. Will you?

The RIGHT way:

  • Straw won't fall out or pop out of the cup
  • Straw stays put if cup tips (and helps reduce spillage)
  • You never lose the straw and can even carry the cup by the straw
Andrew Kirk

Andrew's way:

  • straw stays with lid when you take the lid off to refill

Here's his argument: the straw coming up or coming out never happens. It's hard, heavy plastic. The hole in top is small. If you do tip, you won't spill much either way. If you keep the straw and  cup together you won't ever lose the straw, and who carries their cup by the straw?

So all the benefits to the right way aren't really a big deal, and keeping the straw with the lid when you refill is actually really convenient! So I'm committed to trying it for a week. Will you?

Andrew Kirk


Andrew Kirk