Getty Images, Charlie Gallay

Claire Coffee plays Adalind Schade on NBC's hit show "Grimm." Big Jim & Stacy Lee had her on the morning show this morning talking about her character and the winding down of the season. Watch "Season of the Hexenbiest" Friday at 9 p.m.The attractive blonde witch Adalind causes trouble when she returns to avenge her mother's death. The show is filmed in Portland, Oregon, to take advantage of the overcast weather. It's hard to stay focused on work, Claire said, because of all the great restaurants and fun things to see in Portland. But the show's plot has all the actors as wrapped up in the story as Big Jim and I! Claire said she can't wait to get each new script the same way we can't wait to watch each new episode. Tons of fun. If you've never seen "Grimm" be sure to get caught up in the off season. The second season is guaranteed to be awesome.