We got a hilarious letter from a listener this week. They asked if we'd read it over the air and get feedback. Now we're letting you weigh in online.

Sherry and Mike sent this in:

I listen to your show daily and love the email segments you do with people's problems. I have one and it's crazy. Can you help us? My fiance is having a hard time with this...

We have been seeing each other for three years now and engaged for the last 11 months with Oct. 18 set for our wedding. Now here is the problem: his dad and my mom have been dating for three months and last weekend they took a trip and came back with a huge surprise. THEY GOT MARRIED. That makes me and my fiance step brother and step sister.

How can they do this? My fiance wants to call off the wedding because of the embarrassment he has already had from his friends about 'marrying his step sister.' Should we just ignore the friends and get married? What do your listeners think?"

So what did we tell them? We took several calls and came to the conclusion that Mike sounds like a wimp. This is no big deal and should not stop or slow down the wedding plans at all. If he's really bothered by it than maybe he doesn't love Sherry enough. Tough love, but there you have it!