If you listen to me on the radio at all...you know I HATE cold whether! Particularly if it's gray and gloomy!

I grew up in Santa Cruz CA and we had lots of fog and rainy days and I craved the sunshine like no other!

Most of what I love to do in life happens to be outside! So it just makes it miserable to have to endure cold weather! Luckily in the Tri-Cities we get more sunshine than most!

But, I have found that no matter what the weather is like, If I will bundle up and go do what I love ANYWAY, I end up having a great time!

Now, I have to say that I have the most amazing friends and boyfriend whom will also brave the cold to go and have fun with me!  And I love that about them SOOO much!

These pictures are of our horse ride on Sunday.

My friend Nadia, was a listener who contacted me one day when I was "on the air" and asked if I'd like to ride with her.

My horse Galeron and I met her that day after work, and we've been friends ever since! That was about 8 years ago! She and I have enjoyed a so many great horse adventures over the years and I feel so blessed to have her in my life!

She rides Cisco A beautiful Kieger Mustang.

And the other pictures are of my wonderful boyfriend Tony and his horse Duece! We have just begun our adventures together riding for the past year or so and he's really enjoying it!

Nadia made hot chocolate for us all and had Christmas bells for us to put on our horses as we paraded down the trail on our merry way!

I tried to get them to sing Christmas Carols with me...but, they weren't hot on that idea!

It was a great time anyway! And always is when I get out and do what I love in spite of poopy cold  weather!