I was in a waiting room the other day when on top of a screaming child a man sit a few seats away received a call on his cell phone and instead of saying I'll call you back or steeping out of the waiting room he conducted his entire call right there. He didn't even try to lower his voice.It was completely annoying to say the least. Here are some interesting facts about our sometimes Rude Cell phone habits...

(Photo By IstockPhoto)

A new survey by Jumio reveals that 35% of people have used their cell phone in a theatre. Other findings:

  •  33% of people have interrupted a dinner date to use their phone
  •  55% of people drive and talk
  •  12% of people use their smartphone in the shower9% of people have used their smartphone during lovemaking
  •  12% of people say a smartphone has gotten in the way of their relationship
  •   29% of people have snooped on someone else's phone

Really during love making?? This is totally getting out of hand, come on people respect those around you when it comes to the cell phone. Okay I'm done ranting! Thanks for listening.