It's natural for single men to want to get acquainted with attractive women on a cruise ship, the beach or other vacation venue. But beware! A survey has revealed the 10 biggest pet peeves or turn offs men do when trying to start conversations on vacation:

  • Wearing a Speedo on the beach. Men are notorious for thinking they look better than they do. Unless you're an Olympic swimmer, just don't risk it.
  • Getting too drunk. I think this is true EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME!
  • Winking.
  • Staring at her breasts while you talk. (psst -- this is true in other situations as well).
  • Asking for her number too quickly. You're not next door neighbors or study mates.
  • Trying to get HER drunk. Not classy.
  • Bad dancing.
  • Being too pushy.
  • Leaning too much on friends to be your wingmen.