This story was written by Alan Boyle who posted this video on I found it very interesting. It makes me imagine the possibility that Mars possibly once inhabited life in some form in ancient times.

This video draws upon a series of 309 images, each taken when the rover stopped driving at the end of a Martian day. The pictures give you a sense of the loneliness that an astronaut might feel while following in Opportunity's wheel tracks. Drifts of sand go on for miles and miles, interrupted only by craters or patches of bedrock.

Opportunity's trek to Endeavour is the longest and most ambitious journey ever taken by a probe on another planet. While Oppy was making the trip, its twin on the other side of the planet, the Spirit rover, gave up the ghost after more than six years of operation. Now Opportunity is opening a new chapter in Mars exploration, seven and a half years after its landing. Enjoy the video!