I guess I should be more Leary, and more alarmed at the fact people in internet companies are tracking my every click to see what I'm shopping for, thinking about and interested in!

I guess the reason why it doesn't bother me..is who cares! So what if a million people, have the knowledge that I love horses and that I sing on the weekends!  If this makes them send info ads to the side page of my facebook, what is the harm?

I guess I don't "get it!"  Even after hearing this Ted Talk from Mozilla's Gary Kovac who is outraged and warning about the invasion of privacy to us all!

I just see it as a way for companies to gain marketing strategies. I certainly don't take it personal. Am I missing something?

I guess I can't imagine why it matters what I do or think about in my life to someone selling something! I can always say NO!

So, I don't see it as an invasion of my privacy. And in some aspects it's kind of nice.

Now, if someone was following me around with a camera, videoing every aspect of my private life...THAT would be unacceptable, but who cares if my clicks are tracked!

Please enlighten me! What do you think. Does this bother you?