Two plastic surgeons, one goal:

An easy way to think of it is that Dr. Workman does the surgeries from the shoulders down, while Dr. Robinson does most of his work from the neck up.

For most people, deciding to have plastic or reconstructive surgery can be an important and, ultimately, a life-changing decision. The single most important factor in determining the success of a procedure is your choice of a surgeon.

To perform any cosmetic surgery procedure, you absolutely need to trust the hands of your surgeon. Before you can move forward, it is prudent to get up to date information from reputable surgeons with the finest training, certification and wealth of experience.

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Dr. Workman & Dr. Robinson have an office Kennewick, WA:
4309 W 27th Place, Suite 104  | Kennewick, WA 99338 | Phone: (509) 321-9099