Drove to Walla Walla last night, and ended up with a ticket! Where they have widened the hwy, it appears to be obviously a 70 mph area like it is here in Tri-Cities! However, this is NOT the case, according to the very nice officer that pulled me over!

Nice, yes! Unforgiving? Also Yes!! He handed me a ticket for going 74mph in a 60!

Which yes, is way over the speed limit, but to my defense...I thought it was a 70 Mph area and when I was passing I increased speed to 74 to get around another vehicle and got nailed.That's gonna cost me $113 bucks! Yikes!

Anyway, be careful if you are headed to Walla Walla! I love that town! But, I think it's 60 Mph the WHOLE WAY!