Here's a weird deal! I got this package in the mail yesterday. I hadn't ordered anything, wasn't expecting anything...

I looked at the outside packaging and all it said was it was from Client Services. Down lower it said "Adult Collectable" I thought maybe someone was sending me a 'gag gift' in the mail since I newly became "single!"

I opened the envelope on top hoping it would give me a clue....and there it was!

IT WAS A BILL! It was charging me $48.00 for some "Collectable" there was then a picture that appeared to be a sort of ceramic angel with garden wings or something!

I couldn't believe this company called HAMILTON COLLECTION, had sent me something and charged me for it when I didn't ask for it!

Now I have to go to the post office and send it back or I'll be charged for it? Wow!

I hate stuff like that! (I know don't have hate in my heart! lol) Anyway, I think if I would have opened it it would be harder, cause then I'd have to pay shipping instead of putting just "Return to Sender" on it.

So, just thought I'd pass this along...encase any of you get an unexpected package in your mail box!