One day while walking into the studio I noticed a pair of shoes hanging on the power line. I've seen this many times and I thought it meant drugs can be purchased nearby. Big Jim said he thought they mark boundaries of a gang territory. Website guy Andrew had heard they signify someone was beat up or killed right there.

When I Googled it I found this website that had many different answers. No. 1 was MY theory. So I guess I'm officially right. Here are some other ideas:

  • "It's a time-honored tradition to throw your sneakers over the power lines on the last day of school."
  • "When I was a lad of 13 in Nashua, New Hampshire, we used to steal pairs of shoes that had been carelessly left on the sidewalk by kids who had popped open a fireplug. At this point we would play "over the wire keep away" until (a) the kid's mother, brother, father, or a passing police officer put a stop to the game, or (b) shoes went up but didn't come down."
  • "Depending on what part of the country you are from, one shoe from a light post or sign represents the death of a gang member. Usually seen in the inner city."

What do YOU think it means?