No doubt if you've listened to me on the radio for any length of time, You know all about my two boys

Nick & Brenden! Many times you may have heard me talk about them or even heard them on the radio with me from the time they were just toddlers.
For me, being a MOM was and continues to be the BIGGEST JOY OF MY LIFE!

I am blessed with two wonderful young men who constantly amaze and inspire me! Both of them write blogs and I've shared Nicks' with you before.
My youngest son, Brenden who is now Assist.


Vice Principal at White Bluff's Elementary School is now writing a blog.
He is pursuing his Master's degree in education after receiving his BA. in Digital Technology from WSU and working in that field for a few years.

I find it so incredibly comforting to see that both my boys seek inspirational things to enrich and grow throughout their lives.

I know they've seen me struggle at times and search for growth and learning. And I'm so glad they can take the things they have learned through their years to share with others in the world.
Feel free to read Brenden's Blog. He's quite an impressive individual! And I'm reminded every time I see his sweet face.

My son Nick is Brilliant as well, and such an inspiration of hard work and dedication! He lives and works as a consultant in Seattle.

Here is one of his latest blog entries.

I know you will enjoy the things he writes about too. He is just an amazing person!

I am so grateful that I got to be the mom of these boys!