You all know I don't watch much television.  But my son Nick brought his computer to my house and hooked it up to my tv and made me watch the  whole first season of  Modern Family!  I'm still not sure how he did that. I only get local tv and don't have all the fancy stuff to record shows and apparently the season was over when he showed me the whole first season. But, I've been hooked ever since! 

I laughed so hard at that first season that I cried!!  Now, I try to watch every Wedneday night!

I actually made sure I came home early enough from dinner with my boyfriend at Bonefish Grill to make sure I wouldn't miss last nights show! And, Gabe Knutson was playing music even! And I love Gabe! (He plays Bonefish Grill  every Wed night by the way and is awesome!)

Anyway,  The characters are hilarious! I just found out that if you miss a can actually catch it online! But I'm not sure HOW! I Here's the link..incase you are interested in watching one episode they have posted

 Is it just me? Or do you find this show hilarious! follow the link on our website and post below..