Check out this story from KNDU News…Apparently some woman was removed from a Performing Arts theater in Bainbridge Island during a symphony performance because she yelled “Boring!”

It doesn’t say if alcohol was involved or anything…I can’t imagine someone doing that! But it did say that she may have had a professional  rivalry with the conductor. You can see more on the story on the links below. I once got a bad case of the giggles at an Opera Performance! I couldn't stop laughing and I was in the front row. I started laughing cause the lead guy spit on me when he belted out his song! And I just thought it was so funny! Then I noticed everyone looked at me laughing...and it made me so nervous I couldn't stop laughing! It was terrible! Has anything ever happened like that to you in public? Or have you ever done a regrettable yell out like the woman in this story? Click on the link and post your reply! (Faith)