Well, I've decided this is the year, I will take my dog poop filled back yard, complete with broken sprinklers and goat heads and try to transform it into someplace that I could actually spend evenings sitting out and enjoying.  But, I need YOUR help!

My yard was actually pretty nice a few years back, but I got tired of mowing the hill sideways...and let the grass die. (I had planned to gravel it) Then I turned the sprinklers off in that area...and the goat heads set in. Now I can't even find the sprinklers there.

My dog has made her own creative landscaping, complete with trail mounds and well...it's just a mess!

Overwhelming YES! And...I don't have much of a budget. So, where do I begin? I'd show you pictures but it's far too embarrassing!

I thought about calling a landscape company for an estimate and maybe a consultation on what to do...but, figured that, that in itself would be expensive!

So, I'm turning to the people who I know can give me a wealth of information and maybe even a little sympathy!  And to the few who will really reply...I thank you in advance!

I need to know the best and cheapest ways to get some landscaping things done and an idea of what I can do with my yard. Anyone willing to give some free advice? Feel free to post your reply!

Thank you Listeners! You are the BEST!