Fear not, super lazy parents within the sound of my voice.  Technology has your back.

There's an invention called SMART PJs . . . they're pajamas that read your kid bedtime stories so you don't have to.  You can just watch TV and eat cheese . . . or whatever it is you do . . . while your kid's pajamas expand your child's mind.

Here's how they work.  The pajamas have polka dot symbols on them that work as codes.  You use an app to scan a code . . . and each code brings up a different story on the phone.

The stories include all the classics, like Cinderella, Humpty Dumpty, and the Gingerbread Man . . . all performed by voice actors.  The words also appear on the screen, so the kid can read along.

The pajamas themselves don't have any wires in them or anything . . . they're just regular pajamas.  They sell for $30 online.