Interstate 90 is currently closed in both directions and WSP is reporting several collisions including one death.

It's been an ugly morning for travelers as ice has caused a complete shutdown of Interstate 90 from Northbend to Ellensburg.

There have been several reported accidents due to hazardous conditions and one fatality.

WSDOT is saying the roads will be re-evaluated at 12 PM and the shutdown has delayed the opening of the Snoqualmie Pass Ski Resort.

If you are planning to head over the pass, expect delays and be prepared.

"If you're heading in that direction, make sure you pack all the things you need to be stuck in your vehicle," said Trooper Julie Fisher. "It can be a very cold and very unpleasant experience. I have seen some travelers who are stuck wearing shorts and didn't have any water or necessities to be comfortable...making sure the car is running well, full of gas, and if something went terribly wrong, that you have everything to get through until we can get you some help.

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