Slick roads mean cars and trucks upside down and hairy commutes. I came down 395 this morning and it was a little slick.

If everyone would take their time in their morning commutes, there might be fewer accidents but sometimes ice and snow can't be avoided.

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I remember coming back from Waitsburg on my way back to the Tri-Cities in the dead of winter near the Lyon's Ferry turn off and the road was a complete sheet of ice.

10 Videos Of Washington Driver Mishaps Are Crazy Scary

I had a little Toyota pickup at the time and with its rear-wheel drive, there was no way it was going to make it back to the Tri-Cities,

I ended up in the ditch and luckily there was a tow truck making the rounds that pulled me out of the ditch. I had no choice and had to wait a few days to get back to the Tri-Cities.

If you've ever been on black ice, you know it'll just take you and you'll have no control of your vehicle. If you are lucky, you won't hurt yourself or anyone else but on occasion, it can cause some serious damage.

Do You Know How To Handle Black Ice When You Hit It?

We've compiled 10 videos of Washington drivers losing control during the winter on the ice and snow. We've got videos featuring Seattle and Spokane and more Washington locations besides some other videos we've included that show you how crazy driving on the ice and snow can really get out of hand.

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