I like RC cars and helicopters. I don't do it every week, but whenever I want to I can pick them up and have fun. I also really like stunt kites and the Tri-Cities is the perfect place for that. Here are 10 more ideas for hobbies that are really easy to start and mostly inexpensive.

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    You have to buy food anyway, and perhaps you're cooking already. Learning to cook really well, or making super fun recipes, is an inexpensive hobby that requires to commitment. And your friends will love it!

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    Becoming a gym rat, training for a marathon, CrossFit, and yoga are all considered hobbies today. Yes, you need some clothes and maybe a gym membership, but after that it's as easy as sticking to a routine. And there are probably no better hobbies for the return. You'll feel better, look better and have more friends. Guaranteed.

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    Sunrise hikes, after-work hikes, lunch-break hikes, Saturday hikes, Sunday hikes -- YOU CAN HIKE ANYTIME! This is probably the cheapest hobby known to man. Your locations are limited, but locally you've got Badger Mountain, Candy Mountain, Red Mountain and Bateman Island. Hiking groups are great places to meet people.

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    This is a VERY expensive hobby, but cycling experts say Washington state is one of the top places in the world. And Tri-Cities has so many wonderful river trails and rural roads to cycle. You really can't choose a better place to take this hobby up.

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    Book clubs

    You can find an existing one on Craigslist or Meetup.com or just start your own. You can also join online book clubs. Mostly it's a great way to give yourself a deadline. Consider visiting a site called goodreads.

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    Feng Yu


    This is dirt cheap, you can do it any time for as long as you'd like (10 minutes or 10 hours), you can do it with others or by yourself. You'll see progress quickly and feel good about yourself. When you get good your drawings can be given as gifts. You can practice in boring meetings or while watching TV. Take lessons or just pick up a book at the library or just start doodling!

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    It's a little expensive to get started -- but not as bad as fishing or cycling or remote control cars. Your friends will love it!

  • Robert Hoetink
    Robert Hoetink

    Making candles

    This is NOT for everyone, but it's a cheap hobby and people say it's very relaxing. If you love the atmosphere candles create, consider making your own. You can focus on just their aesthetics, or just the aroma, or just the shape, or you can learn to carve candles. There's really a lot to this hobby and you might be surprised how fun it is.

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    Rainer Kühnl


    If you build a greenhouse or use the right seeds, you might be surprised how long you can practice this hobby here in the sunny Tri-Cities. If you include the time preparing the beds, this is something you can do from February to November. It's mild exercise, you'll eat better, your friends will appreciate it, and it's a hobby FULL OF SCIENCE! If you're the kind of person who wants to learn something from your hobby, this is very educational.

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    Knitting and Crochet for Cool People

    DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT think knitting and crochet are for old people. Feminists and abstract artists have taken these crafts to a whole new level. People are making artwork and even risque lingerie with knitting and crochet nowadays. If you don't believe me, go visit some yarn stores in Portland or Seattle. This has become a super hip, chic thing to do. Even with bamboo and alpaca fibers, it's still relatively inexpensive and it's still just as relaxing as it was for your grandma.

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