One of the fun things about parenthood is getting to play with cool toys again. But if you're like me, you can't help but wonder, "Why isn't someone making this stuff for ME?" Here are 10 examples:

  • 1

    Playground Swings

    Have you tried these lately? They're just as fun as when we were kids, but they likely hurt your butt and pinch your hips.

  • 2

    Coloring books

  • 3


    Sure, you can build Star Wars ships if you want, but wouldn't it be cool to buy a set to build Frank Lloyd Wright buildings? Or a Civil War sea battle?

  • 4

    Dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets

    Take the kids off the box. Those things are for ME!

  • 5

    Nerf Guns

    AirSoft and paint ball hurts. They should have arenas where adults go to shoot Nerf at one another.

  • 6

    Ball pits

    Kids just make them dirty. They should have been for adults since DAY ONE!

  • 7


    Grow up and you get Bento boxes instead. Forget Japan, I want Lunchables!

  • 8

    Gummy candies

    Wouldn't it be fun to chew on gummy candies of politicians you don't like?

  • 9

    Baby wipes

    They have so many uses!

  • 10

    Getting a small toy with a meal deal

    Why should I have to order a Kids Meal to get an action figure? It should come with my value meal!