For many of us, Thanksgiving dinner takes place at the dining room table. But if your family's tradition involves going to local restaurant instead, you should understand the risk factors involved with breaking bread with hundreds, possibly even thousands, of other people just as disgusting as you.

At a restaurant, the biggest risk you will face this coming turkey day is germs, and according to the latest research, those scurvy little imbeciles are hiding out in the most unusual places, just looking to crawl into your system and make you sick.

Our advice is to eat at home or be sure to pack the antibacterial wipes. Happy Germsgiving!

10 Germiest Places in a Restaurant

  1. seats
  2. menus
  3. lemon wedges
  4. salt and pepper shakers
  5. tables
  6. rims of glasses
  7. bathroom doorknobs
  8. bathroom faucets
  9. ketchup bottles
  10. salad bar tongs

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