This has to be THE most bizarre crash we've seen in the Columbia Basin in years!

How Did This Happen?

For starters, Pasco PD says the driver, whose identity was not yet released, is still alive but suffering from not humorous injuries-which is why they did not include their usual hashtags when they report 'dumber' crimes.

It is not known, but believed this speeding crash into a freight train Tuesday night in the Pasco railyard could be related to alleged shoplifting that occurred 15 minutes earlier at a convenience store near Clark and Tacoma streets. The driver, in a 2003 silver Toyota Carolla, was headed east on Clark and witness-confirmed speeds of likely 100 MPH.

Around 11:20 PM, the car approached the T-intersection of Clark and Tacoma, blew the stop sign, then became airborne after going up a slight embankment. The engineer of one moving train said the car flashed like a cartwheel in front of his locomotive, narrowly missing him.

However, the car did not miss a parked train on the next set of tracks. Amazingly and shockingly, it slammed between two rail cars and became so wedged it required two wreckers and BNSF worker supervision to extract the Corolla and the driver.

Dave Allen PPD
Dave Allen PPD

Pasco PD says damage to the nose and tail of the car shows it hit the ground at least a few times while cartwheeling before it wedged into the train.

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The driver did survive, although his condition is not known.

Getting back to the shoplifting, he will also be facing burglary charges because he'd been banned from that same convenience store back in June. Entering there again makes it a burglary. But those charges are slight compared to the likely DUI, reckless driving, and other counts he will be up against once he recovers.

The accident continues to be investigated.


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