Blanketed in White: Washington State Hosts Two of the Nation's Snowiest Spots

So I was reading this article about states that get the most snow in the winter and you'll be surprised to find that Washington State doesn't even rank in the top 20 when it comes to towns that get the most snow nationwide.

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Unveiling Washington's Claim to Two of America's Snowiest Destinations

According to, Syracuse, New York is one of the snowiest places in the nation along with Erie, Pennsylvania, and Washington's cities and towns generally don't make the list of snowiest places in the 50 states.

Still, there is one distinction that Washington State can lay claim to and that's snowfall.

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You see, we do get to reign, king, when it comes to overall inches and snowfall, even besting hardcore known-for-snow places like New York and Alaska.

Huge Snow Storm Slams Into Mid Atlantic States
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According to the same article by, we've got a tie between Mt. Rainer and Mt. Baker:

The outright snowiest place in the United States is a tie between Mount Rainier (Tahoma) and Mount Baker (Kulshan) in Washington State.


These mountains receive an average of 645 inches of snowfall each year, but have seen as much as 1,122 and 1,140 inches respectively, the highest totals in the world.


The mountains receive so much snow because of their high elevation and proximity to frequent moisture from the Pacific Ocean. Interestingly, one of the lowest-elevation ski resorts in the U.S., The Summit at Snoqualmie, also benefits from this pattern.


So if you are looking for the snowiest places in the nation, two of them are right here in Washington State, we just don't lay claim to having any of the snowiest towns even though I'd personally put Spokane and Leavenworth on my list.

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