Over the long weekend, Pasco Police had a run-in with a couple of car prowlers. The incident was brought to the Police officers attention in the wee hours of Sunday morning when concerned citizens  reported to males jiggling car handles

STOP MAKING IT WORSE, CAR PROWL EDITION: This story takes place in classic east Pasco at about 4:30 AM early Sunday morning. It involved sharp-eyed neighbors (the kind you want to live next to), hard-working officers, and a couple of car-prowl suspects who just don’t know how to stop making it worse.

Dispatch got a call from a neighbor, saying that two males were on the 600-block of S Beech, pulling car door handles. Officers arrived in time to have the caller actually point out where they were. One ran. The other refused orders to stop where he was. The first suspect got into a violent confrontation with one officer, had a second officer jump on his back as the suspect was tossing the first officer, then had a third officer arrive to help finally force him into handcuffs. The suspect and the first two officers got scuffed up during this process, so the ambulance was called over.

Meanwhile, another sharp-eyed neighbor told an officer that the second suspect was still nearby, hiding and watching. The second suspect was seen and confronted. He began jumping fences, going from the 700-block of S Beech to the 600-block of S Owen, but officers got him cornered. He did not want to cooperate, either. He had the Taser applied before he could be handcuffed.

The first suspect, an adult, was booked into Franklin County Jail for misdemeanor charges including vehicle prowl, theft, and failure to stop. The second suspect, a 17-year-old, was booked into Juvenile Detention for vehicle prowl, failure to stop, trespassing, and a warrant for robbery.

Anyone with info about this series of car prowls, or anyone from the neighborhood who might be missing stuff from their unlocked cars, is urged to call Dispatch at (509)628-0333 or email Officer Mike Andrews at andrewsm@pasco-wa.gov about case 20-14616 Theft.

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