2017 is shaping up to be a great time to sell your home in Tri-Cities its a Sellers market for sure...most sellers are seeing multiple offers as soon as they list their home...why?

Real estate sign indicating sold house

It's simple supply and demand...currently there are just over 400 homes on the market! Normally there are closer to 1000 homes on the market for sale!

An article published in the Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business reports that there are currently 800 active realtors in the Tri-Cities and more people joining the profession each day! So 400 homes 800 Realtors you do the math!

I dabbled in Real Estate a few years ago before the famous 2008 market crash and it was a tough business even when loans were flowing and there were plenty of homes for sale, when the market crash happened, I chose to step away from the business and stick to what I know.... Anyway my advise to anyone considering a career in Real Estate think hard and be prepared to live on Top Ramen, but be positive because 2018 is promising to be a better year for Realtors!


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