For those in the know, trespassing in the old Mabton high school (believed to be haunted) was a rite of passage. But after some Richland kids and a Yakima ghost hunter clashed inside last week, everyone in the Mid Columbia wants to take a peek.


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    Mabton Police Put up a Fence

    It's no longer as simple as bringing a ladder. Police have fenced off the old structure and now make regular patrols looking for kids trying to hop it. A bunch of kids from Prosser got caught over Labor Day weekend. You may be brave enough to face ghosts, but don't be stupid enough to face a jail cell.

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    Local authorities are confused as to why anyone would want to go in there. Imagine decades of bat and bird poop everywhere. GROSS!

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    There's an underground hobby called "Urban Exploration" where people with climbing gear explore abandoned buildings, sewers and other cool places. These people are always on the watch for weak floorboards, nails sticking up and broken glass. Vandals have been tearing things apart in the old Mabton school for years. A bunch of naive kids wondering around are likely to get seriously hurt.

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