We've all heard the statement, "What happens after midnight can never be good," right?

Pasco's Loyalty Inn was a hot-bed of criminal activity Saturday morning, as four suspects were taken into custody & booked on various charges in two different incidents.

It all began just after 4 am, Saturday, when Pasco Police arrived at the Sage & Sun Motel in Pasco. Police met up with an alleged victim who reported a robbery. That victim reported that they were robbed by two men with pepper spray and a knife. The victim had information about the suspects, leading Police to the Loyalty Inn.

At about the same time, Police were notified of another disturbance at the Loyalty Inn.

Richland's Matthew Gordon Lohstrerer and Pasco's Nicholas Polley were both arrested and taken to Franklin County Jail for robbery.  Polley also faces a meth charge.

And Soap Lake's Austin Howard Rogers and Sulema Vasquez of Pasco were also arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm.  They were taken to the Franklin County Jail on investigative holds.

Check out the entire story below, from the Pasco Police Facebook page.

FOUR FELONY SUSPECTS ARRESTED in two cases where the investigations overlapped. All four arrests took place at the...

Posted by Pasco Police on Monday, January 18, 2021

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