It's Halloween week and you want to check out the Scaregrounds, but you're not sure what to expect, what time to get there, what to wear, and so on and so on.... Well don't worry, because I've got the inside scoop on everything you need to know to make the most of your Scaregrounds experience!


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    Avoid the Wait

    No way around it, the lines can get long! It's a super fun event, so a LOT og people want to go, but there are some tricks to avoiding the longest wait times. If you come out on Weds and Thursday of this week, you'll beat the weekend rush. If you arrive right at 7 when it opens, or before 8 those are the shortest wait times. But don't worry, even if you've got to wait, we'll still keep you terrified-- I mean entertained!

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    Dress Warmly

    The weather has changed for sure! Even though the weather is cooler, we'll be out there to add to your Halloweentime fun! Make sure to wear a coat, maybe even gloves or a hat this weekend. The fall weather adds to the spookiness, but we don't want you getting sick, so bundle up!

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    Plan to Make It an Evening

    The best thing about the Scaregrounds is that it's THREE haunts in one place! (Technically 3.5, but you'll find out about that when you arrive). It takes time to get through them all, so if you were thinking it was a quick 30 minute outing, well, you'd be DEAD wrong (see what I did there). If you're getting a ride, hiring a babysitter for the night, or need to tell mom when you'll be home, let them know you'll be spending at least 2 hours with us. That will give you time to get through lines, buy snacks, take selfies, run from zombies, and all the other fun things we have in store for ya!

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    It's Ok to Skip Dinner

    We've got FOOD! Since you will be spending a while with us, we want to make sure you're fed. We have a snack bar, and taco truck out most nights to make sure you keep up your strength. You're gonna need it....

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    Cell Phone Yeses and Nos

    Yes, bring that cell phone! Yes, take a ton of photos with your friends and our creatures! Yes, use the hashtag #ScaregroundsTC to mark your photos (and for a chance to win stuff). The only NO is to not use it in the haunt. It's dark for a reason: to SCARE you! You'll ruin your time and the time of others if you have it out (even in flashlight mode). So be brave and wait to video, take selfie, Snapchat, Instagram, Tweet, and everything else for before and AFTER you go through. We promise it's better that way! :)