Here Are Five Things To Know About Jury Duty Service In Washington State

If you live in Washington State, you may be called upon to serve on a jury at some point in your life. But what does that actually mean? How does the process work? 

Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan

When you receive a summons for jury duty in Washington State, the first thing you should do is call the number on the summons to confirm that you still need to appear.

If your appearance is no longer required, great! You're all done. However, if you still need to appear, there are a few things you should know.

How Does The State Of Washington Pick A Jury For Trial?

First, jury selection in Washington State is done by random selection from a pool of registered voters and licensed drivers. If you fall into either of those categories, there's a chance you could be selected. Once the pool has been selected, each potential juror is given an opportunity to answer questions about their qualifications.

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1) You will need to report to the courthouse on the date and time specified in the summons. Once you arrive, you will check in with the jury commissioner and be given instructions for the day.

2) You will then go into the courtroom and be seated with other potential jurors. The judge will come in and give an introduction, followed by the lawyers for both sides. They will each give a brief opening statement outlining their case.

Attorney Speaking to Jury

3) After the opening statements, the judge will begin questioning potential jurors to see if they can be impartial. If they cannot, they will be excused from service. Once a jury is selected, they will be sworn in and given instructions on how to proceed.

4) The trial will then begin, and it will be up to the jury to listen to the evidence and testimony presented and make a decision about whether or not the defendant is guilty as charged. Once deliberations are complete, the jury will render its verdict.

5) If you are selected for jury duty, it is important to remember that you are playing a vital role in our justice system. Your service is essential to ensuring that everyone receives a fair trial.

Jury duty is an important civic duty that all citizens should be prepared to perform if called upon. By understanding how the process works, you can ensure that you are ready to fulfill your role if chosen for jury duty.

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