It's here and it's frustrating. Washington State's new plastic bag ban has got us all ripping our hair out. 

I was at Yoke's in Kennewick yesterday with my newly bought environmentally safe shopping bags. I bought each bag for $1.99 and plan to use them to avoid the 8 cent tax on using a single-use plastic bag at the checkout stand.

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I'm all for protecting the environment and I'm sure that hopefully, this ban will have a good effect on the environment but I remain skeptical because I have no assurances on where the actual money goes if I do pay the 8 cent tax.

Here Is How You Can Avoid The Washington State Plastic Bag Ban

I've compiled 5 different ideas on how you beat or avoid the new Washington State plastic bag ban tax and hopefully this will save you some money in the future.

5 Ways To Avoid The Washington Plastic Bag Ban

Here are five ways you can avoid the Washington State plastic bag ban

There are few ideas on how you can save that 8 cents. I still feel guilty, like I'm stealing, when I bring my bag from home but even Yoke's has a sign now that says BYOB.

Is There A Store In The Tri-Cities Not Charging For Plastic Bags In The Tri-Cities?

I did go to the Red Apple Market in Kennewick yesterday and was surprised that they weren't charging for their bags yet.

I did learn that even using a paper bag can cost you 8 cents. The best way to avoid the tax is to come prepared. I've been keeping two bags in my truck at all times. One bag that I can move from truck to home and back and then a backup bag in case I forget.

Good luck on your endeavors to avoid the bag tax and hopefully a few ideas of mine will help you out.

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