Why has no business ever moved into the old 7-11 in Kennewick?

Recently, as I drove by, I reminisced over the good times I"ve had over the years at 7-11. Back in the day, Slurpees came in two flavors, Coca-Cola and cherry. That was it.

Photo from Youtube
Photo from Youtube

When I first arrived in Tri-Cities in 2014, I was amazed to find out that 7-11 had MANY Slurpee flavors. In fact, banana was my favorite. Years later, I learned that the Kennewick 7-11 was notorious as the 'Slurpee King.' And then, in 2021, the Kennewick 7-11 closed its doors. After the building was vacant for a while, and we inquired about possible replacement tenants. Reply on our app, who would you like to see in the vacant building? You can reply on our mobile app.

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The Kennewick location is a prime property for a business.

I was doing business at neighboring vendor recently. The traffic on Clearwater is heavy most afternoons. Surely, whatever business moves in will appreciate the benefit of the high volume traffic. I remember the 7-11 parking lot was small for all the traffic. It was a fairly busy store.

Today, you can get your Slurpee fix at stores in Pasco and Richland.

4313 West Court Street
Pasco, WA 99301-2715

415 Wright Avenue
Richland, WA 99352-3617

1540 Jadwin Avenue
Richland, WA 99354

2411 George Washington Way
Richland, WA 99354

Last year, the 7-11 on Jadwin Avenue was closed for several days after a remodel. The gas pumps were removed. I was glad to see the store re-open. It's awesome having a 7-11 in the neighborhood.

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