This story is truly amazing, and gives others lots of hope.

A 27 year old Kennewick native Marine Cpl. Bryant Scott suffered a heat stroke last July while in San Diego.

He was running with about 50 pounds of gear on a 109-degree day for 13 miles. He collapsed about 100 yards from the end. heart stopped, liver was failing. in a coma for 14 days. Doctors removed his liver to make it stop killing his cells.

He lost 65 pounds of muscle but joined a Crossfit gym once fully recovered Then ran the Badger Mountain Challenge where it took him until the early morning hours to finish the race -- long after it ended, but the organizers allowed him to keep going. Took more than 18 hours.

Doctors told his family that he only had about a 10% chance of surviving, that’s when he shocked the world.

Read the full story HERE.


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