Sigh. Our beloved Adam Levine should have the right to walk around shirtless no matter where he goes. Not only does he have the body of a slim Greek god, but his oodles and oodles of tattoos just make him that much hotter. While we think his tattoos are sexy, one Korean gym does not.

He and Maroon 5 were on a tour stop in Korea when he decided to get his Fergalicious fitness on at a local gym. Minding his own business, he was probably just innocently flexing his muscles with beads of sweat dripping ... sorry, we digress. But that's when the staff had the nerve to tell Levine to cover up his tattoos or get out.

"I assured them it wasn't a real tiger and it wouldn't harm anyone," tweeted Levine about the confrontation. "They didn't think this was funny. Thank GOD they didn't see the shark." And after the manager approached him, he again tweeted the events. "The manager totally stonewalled me," he wrote. "I sang Gangam Style and did the dance and everything. Silence. the cops didn't like it either."

Hey Adam, call us anytime. We love you and your tattoos.

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