Aerosmith's Joe Perry tells Rolling Stone that he's often considered quitting his famous group to just write songs or work on solo or collaborative projects.  However, the guitar legend admits that...

Aerosmith will be releasing its first new studio effort since 2004's Honkin' on Bobo this summer.  Perry reveals that Bobo, which was made up almost entirely of blues covers, "was supposed to be this record."

He notes, "As it turned out, the energy around the band wasn't right, but we needed to put something out."  He adds that there were some positive aspects to working on Bobo, such as the band members playing live together in a small space, which influenced the way the new project was put together.  "That was what we carried into this record: live, in-the-room excitement," Perry maintains.

Perry also reveals that the band dusted off some old ideas from the Bobo sessions and beyond for use in the new tunes.

The guitarist says that, unlike the band's releases from the 1980s and '90s, which he describes as almost "like product," he finds himself actually listening to this album's tracks -- something he also did with Aerosmith's classic 1970s records.