A press release from Alaska Airlines indicated they would be canceling 20 flights Monday December 5th due to major incoming storm.



The canceled flights total was pushed up to 26 when Alaska Air announced 6 Horizon flight be canceled as well.

Here are the flights affected:

Flight 602/607 SEA-LAS-SEA
Flight 342/353 SEA-OAK-SEA
Flight 418/475 SEA-LAS-SEA
Flight 724/719 SEA-SLC-SEA
Flight 674/673 SEA-DEN-SEA
Flight 99/52 SEA-ANC-SEA
Flight 530/537 SEA-ONT-SEA
Flight 642/689 SEA-GEG-SEA
Flight 506/501 SEA-SNA-SEA
Flight 522/523 SEA-BUR-SEA

Flight 2266/2267 SEA-YVR-SEA
Flight 2517/2612 SEA-RDM-SEA
Flight 2485/2743 SEA-MSO-SEA

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