No reason to fret yet but also don't be surprised in the future that Costco won't limit your purchases. Costco recently discussed limiting some items to be sold on their recent corporate call.

According to reports from USA Today and NPR, Costco might have to start limiting purchases on four different items in the future.

Why Is Costco Limiting How Many Items You Can Buy?


I'm sure you're already thinking it has to be because of the pandemic and you'd be partly correct.

It's actually about the supply and demand of certain items at the Costco warehouse. The Delta variant of COVID-19 is pushing customers to start buying up whatever items they can get their hands on.

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According to the report in an article from ABC 10, Costco Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti said on a recent call to company executives, that certain item demand is keeping the inventory low and shelves not stocked.

What Are The Items That Costco Is Limiting?

Galanti says that toilet paper, paper towels, Kirkland brand bottled water, and cleaning supplies are in high demand for the retail chain.

No word from Galanti when the new limits could take effect but Galanti also mentioned that furniture and chip supplies could also follow the new limitations.

What Does Costco Say About Limiting Items To Be Bought In Their Warehouse?

So far, the Costco sites haven't posted any concerns or limitations on purchasing items and the official company stance is no comment but it's a heads-up that we might be seeing those items be limited again.

How Can I Get Details On What Costco Will Be Limiting In The Future?

Costco does have a posting on their website that says that some items might be limited and out of stock and Costco reserves the right to limit the number of items a customer can purchase at any given time.

You can read more details here and we'll keep you up to date if anything changes in the future.

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