While Facebook has no data on how many fake people currently reside on its server (based on our News Feed we’d guess about half of all users), it does know how many fake accounts there are: 83 million. And it’s not who you think, either.

Facebook recently broke out how many fake accounts it has in a regulatory finding. The majority of these accounts are actually just duplicates. Generally their pages made for someone, made to prank somebody, or by people who’d forgotten or abandoned their previous Facebook page. In other words, yes, Facebook thinks the page you made for your grandma is fake. And they know the one you made for your cat is fake.

Most of the rest are just businesses or professionals who were trying to start a Page and got confused, opening a profile instead. Facebook will simply transition those to Pages and no data will be lost.

That leaves the 14 million spam accounts. Yes, out of nearly a billion users, there are just 14 million spammers. Guess that little button works after all!

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