AMC Theaters, who own 224 theaters, with a total of 2,200 screens across the US, and more internationally, may not survive the COVID-19 shutdown.

Information released this week by the company indicates they have enough liquidity to be OK if they can open this summer, but if delayed much beyond June 19 or the end of the month, maybe not.

The company's survival may hinge upon whether they're able to open a large number of cinemas for the expected busy summer season. Since the COVID-19 issue began they've all been shuttered, including the Kennewick location just west of Columbia Center Mall.

Even if they do fully open, according to various sources, there may be delays by studios in releasing new, sought after films. During the pandemic, many companies began to release new films directly to TV or the internet, this could affect theaters.

Also, the mindset drilled into the heads of many citizens might make them reluctant to go to a theater, for fear of sitting close to people.  Social distancing practices, where required, may cut into the number of tickets sold as well.

As the largest chain of theaters in the world, however, company officials say even if they only sell half their seats in all cinemas, they can still generate revenue. Much will depend upon when they are able to reopen for summer.

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